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Magyk is a fantasy roleplaying website, based off the book series by Angie Sage.
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 Names in Magyk

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Marcia Overstrand

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PostSubject: Names in Magyk   Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:03 pm

The names in the Magyk books are often very odd. It seems like Angie Sage enjoyed mixing together both current popular names, and very strange made-up ones. It can be very confusing, so here are many examples from the books:

Septimus (M)*
Marcia (F)
Silas (M)
Zelda (F)*
Sarah (F)
Simon (M)
Sam (M)
Eric (M)
Edd (M)
Jo-Jo (M)
Nikko (M)
Jenna (F)
Merrin (F)
Stanley (M)
DomDaniel (M)*
Alther (M)
Galen (M)
Maxie (M)
Sally (F)
Lucy (F)
Weasel (M)
Sleuth (M)
Una (F)
Snorri (F)
Ullr (M)
Marcellus (M)
Esmerelda (F)
Aie-Aie (F)*
Dawnie (F)
Boris (M)
Gringe (M)
Beetle (M)

* Not a recommended name. Either a famous character or pet name (Aie-Aie).

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Names in Magyk
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