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Magyk is a fantasy roleplaying website, based off the book series by Angie Sage.
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 Spells in Magyk

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Marcia Overstrand

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PostSubject: Spells in Magyk   Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:09 pm

Spells in Magyk are very complex. To create a spell, you must first be a wizard. Then, you must come up with a rhyming phrase to be the worded spell, but also have a "tallyman" to represent it. The tallyman usually has something to do with the spell-for example: a chocolate spell may have a piece of chocolate as a tallyman. For anyone in the future to ever perform the spell, they must be holding the tallyman while learning the spell. That is why most tallymen are placed in a spellbook, to be kept safe for ever. Some examples of spells are as follows:

Chocolate Charm: "Take me, shake me , and I will make thee: Quetzalcoatl's Tchocolatl."
-Tallyman: piece of chocolate
-Purpose: Turns something into chocolate

Reverse (Bother): "Bothersome Bother, Bother no more, Forget what you're created for."
-Tallyman: a stone
-Purpose: Makes a bothersome object stop being so bothersome!

Silent Unseen Spell: "Not seen, not heard, not a whisper, not a word."
-Tallyman: piece of cloth
-Purpose: turn speaker invisible

Note: if your character is a wizard, and wishes to learn a new spell, make sure they have the tallyman!

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Spells in Magyk

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